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Career GPS lets you hire, train, and promote people with winning characteristics. Nurture the next generation of top talent by guiding your employees toward developmental opportunities.

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Great organizations are created by great careers. The one thing you can do to deliver sustainable growth for your organization is help your employees with their careers. Career GPS helps identify career goals for employees, then gives them turn-by-turn guidance to get to their dream destination predictably. It acts a career coach that helps define a career roadmap and recommends training, content, jobs, activities, mentors, and more. From an organizational perspective that means, they can clearly see their destination, plan their path, and exceed goals. As a result, you get an employee base that’s loyal and also build a strong succession pipeline.

Why do we need career coaching?

Companies today grapple with top talent retention and engagement. Top talent is always being head hunted via referrals. They are ambitious and looking for their next move. If they do not see a clear long-term path to advance within the company, they are tempted to explore. However, as the pyramid narrows it may not be possible to promote top performers at a regular frequency. At the same time, employees need to be made aware of all the skills and behaviour required to advance to the next level so that they do not get demotivated if they are not advancing at the same pace. Emplay’s career coaching app addresses the above issue using a three-step solution:

How does it work?

Step 1: Career Path Analysis

Emplay’s Career GPS analyses a wide variety of data points (quantitative and qualitative) associated with successful employees in various roles and outputs a comprehensive success profile and various career trajectory leading up to it.

Step 2: Career Readiness Scorecard

Based on the success profile, every aspirant for the job gets a readiness score. The readiness score calculates the probability of the aspirant getting the job based on experience, competency and attitude gaps. It not only shows the readiness score as of today but also forecasts the readiness on a timeline based on the candidates past career trajectory and profile assessments. The career scorecard provides a comprehensive heat map of various areas of development required to attain the target career goal and all the interim career milestones.

Step 3: Career Coaching

Career GPS provides practical recommendations to improve the job-readiness score by recommending training, behavioural coaching, suggesting mentors and role models and also suggesting interim roles and positions to apply for. The career GPS app acts as an always-on career coach that helps employees plan their careers and keeps them on track on executing their plans, tracking progress and providing feedback.

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