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Move to SAP S/4HANA Cloud improves sales app’s security and performance

Kevin Tom

Article by Jim O’Donnell Published June 2017,  SAP TechTarget© Emplay, an SAP Startup Focus partner, moved its Sales GPS app to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and saw improvements in performance, scalability, security and advanced analytics. Like many startups, Emplay Inc. had an interesting…


Smart Bots Show Salespeople How To Close More Deals Faster

Kevin Tom

Article by Susan Galer Published June 2017,  Forbes SAP Voice© The next wave of insurtech disruption will overtake yesterday’s startups faster than the click of an app.  Case in point is Sales GPS, an AI-based app developed by Emplay to help insurance reps…

Analyze Phase

Learning Analytics: The Analyze Phase

In our most recent post on learning analytics, “Let the Data Tell You What You Need,” we discussed the “define” step of learning program development. During the Define phase, objective-setting takes place, and the two to three key performance indicators…

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Learning Analytics: Let the Data Tell You What You Need

In our last post on learning analytics, “What Does Data Science Have to Do with Learning,” we discussed how learning analytics can deliver and demonstrate the business value of learning strategies and programs across the enterprise. In this post, we’ll…

Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics: What Does Data Science Have to Do With Learning?

Kevin Tom

Advances in big data, analytics, and data science—combined with massive computer processing power and the efficiency gains of the cloud—have given us powerful tools to take our organizations to the next level through talent development solutions. The journey begins with…


5 Tips for Applying Just-in-Time Learning Design to Sales Enablement

The consumption and purchase patterns of consumers have evolved greatly in recent years. For instance, when buying groceries many people have transitioned from a “just-stock” mode, which uses a long grocery list to stock up for weeks, to “just-in-time” ordering…

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Personalize your learning interventions using learning analytics

Sales learning analytics: how measurement can drive performance Training is meaningless unless it measurably improves employee performance and productivity. In today’s hyper-competitive world, training organizations are no longer being asked to produce content, but rather mandated to solve critical employee…


Meet your sales quota this quarter with SPARK

Question: Why did your company miss its revenue forecast? Answer: Due to macro-economic factors. Question: What are you doing about it this year? Answer: We are hiring more people to make the numbers. Okay, while it’s easy to spot the…


How can you use Analytics to Improve Sales New Hire Ramp?

It is a well-known fact, that in most industries, it takes nearly 15 to 18 months for a new sales rep to start producing results.  So how can we shrink this timeline and produce results sooner? Even 2-3 months could…