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Leadership Coach delivers contextual, highly personalized, data-driven advice to help leaders develop critical skills and behaviors to meet today’s fast-changing business environment.

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Want to become a better leader to coach other leaders in your organization? Our Leadership Coach removes hurdles such as ego and personality out of the equation to give you objective, contextual, and highly personalized training. This intuitive application lets you pursue multi-dimensional leadership objectives with step-by-step guidance. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses based on quantitative and qualitative assessments, recommends training and coaching plans to improve one KPI at a time, connects you to mentors and offers best practices to handle leadership situations.

Why should you care about leadership coaching?

Strong leaders are the driving force behind a company’s success—driving financial performance, enhancing consumer relationships, leading innovation, and creating other leaders. In today’s uber-competitive world,corporations are spending millions of dollars in leadership development every year hoping to improve employee satisfaction, performance and retention. However, managers are still the no. 1 reason why employees leave and companies continue to struggle to deliver consistent performance. A recent Mckinsey publication identifies the following as the key reasons why most leadership trainings fail

1) One-size-fits-all training programs don’t factor in the varying leadership needs based on individual business, customer, cultural, and operational objectives.

2) Even the most talented leaders find it difficult to apply concepts learned in offsite training to day-to-day operations.

3) Lack of impact measurement and correlation to performance does not provide clear feedback on the program and leaders’ effectiveness.

Emplay’s leadership coaching app addresses all the issues above using its three-step solution:

How does it work?

Step 1: Leader DNA analysis

Emplay identifies for you the key drivers and lead indicators of high-performance leadership particular to your organization. We do this in a matter of few weeks by analysing over 100 variables from internal databases like HR, performance, goals and operational systems; external sources like social media and web mining; and qualitative methods like personal evaluation, 360 degree feedback and personality assessments.

Step 2: Leader Scorecards

Leadership scorecards help leaders identify their personal areas of development, based on the DNA study, and prioritizes them based on business impact. The scorecard also records progress in each area of development and corresponding business impact by leader.

Step 3: Leadership Coaching

Based on the gap areas identified, leadership Coach recommends training, on-demand content to reinforce training, access to internal leader best practices and connects leader to appropriate mentors. Leadership GPS engages and motivates leaders to invest time in leadership development focusing on one area at a time and giving very contextual and actionable recommendations.

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