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Performance Coach – Create an all-star team with objective, contextual, and personalized  performance coaching

Performance Mentor gives you a unique app-driven way to track, improve, and develop skills to become better at your job and shine in your career.

Fast track your top performers.

Up the performance of your entire team.

Performance Mentor is a social performance coaching app that helps employees and managers plan for performance, coach for performance, and track both leading and lagging indicators of performance. The data-based app sets employees up for success by first presenting the success drivers for their role and identifying key development areas based on an in-depth analysis. This helps managers prepare for coaching conversations, record and track coaching events and results. The app also provides training, mentoring, and activity recommendations to help employees predictably achieve their performance goals.

Why do we need career coaching?

Companies today grapple with top talent retention and engagement. Top talent is always being head hunted via referrals. They are ambitious and looking for their next move. If they do not see a clear long-term path to advance within the company, they are tempted to explore. However, as the pyramid narrows it may not be possible to promote top performers at a regular frequency. At the same time, employees need to be made aware of all the skills and behaviour required to advance to the next level so that they do not get demotivated if they are not advancing at the same pace. Emplay’s career coaching app addresses the above issue using a three-step solution:

Why do we need performance coaching?

There is a growing trend worldwide among large companies switching from an annual performance rating system to a more frequent goal-setting and coaching system. Why? Continual and contextual feedback is proven to be more effective than once-a-year reviews, especially in today’s fast-changing business climate, where a lot can happen in a day or week. The ongoing feedback system makes it easier for managers and employees to set short-term priorities, give instant and frequent feedback, and measure progress over short periods of time than wait for the end of the year to provide feedback. However, the challenge with more frequent goals setting and feedback is that:

1) The managers need to be adept at identifying high-impact areas of improvement that will positively improve performance.

2) The managers should be equipped to give concrete and actionable coaching feedback that will positively help employees achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

3) The Manager may not be able to keep up with additional time commitments on coaching especially with larger teams.

Emplay’s performance coaching app helps address the issues above using a three-step solution:

Step 1: Performance driver analysis

Emplay uses advanced analytics to quantitatively and qualitative derive the drivers of performance by role. Over 100 variables are analysed to uncover what differentiate top performers from the rest in varying roles.

Step 2: Performance scorecards

Performance scorecards help employees and managers identify key areas of development, based on the driver analysis and prioritized by business impact. The scorecard also records progress in each area of development and corresponding business impact by employee. This helps manager focus on key coaching areas.

Step 3: Performance recommendations

Based on the gap areas identified, performance Mentor recommends training, on-demand content, access to internal performance best practices and connects employees to appropriate mentors. It provides managers with actionable insights and coaching options, records coaching feedback given and the corresponding progress. Performance Mentor engages and motivates employees to focus key performance areas and provides a clear path to success. This means employees are no longer dependent solely on his manager to coaching. They now have access to best practices followed by top performers and additional support provided by mentors. Using the Performance Mentor will help improve the likelihood of employees performing, managers turning into good coaches, and business units meeting organizational goals.

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