Sales Coaching

Personalized sales recommendations by rep, by deal and by account


While driving, you trust your GPS to find the most optimal route to arrive at your
destination in the least time. Sales GPS does just that. It removes the
clutter of graphs, insights and scores and provides
specific next best action recommendations.

Rep Coaching

Rep coach assess critical gaps by sales rep and provides personalized recommendations, that are specific to their market segments, territory composition, sales role etc. like,

  • High impact KPIs to focus on
  • People to connect with
  • Trainings to be taken
  • Best practices to be followed
  • Activity and progress tracking

Deal Coaching

For every deal in pipe, Deal Coach assesses similar deals that were
won and lost in the past to predict outcomes and provide
action recommendations like,

  • Which relevant prospect and competitor news and events can be leveraged?
  • Which products can be bundled at what price?
  • Which partners to engage, which people to involve which similar deals to reference to the customers?

Deal Coaching

Reps approaching an account with new products that they have never sold before are usually unsure about how to present it.

How does the rep pique the interest of their accounts to move the sale forward?

With Deal coaching, you enable your reps to become more proactive with insights into how to deliver the deal in a way that will appeal to the account while avoiding deal risks.

Provide them with information about the stakeholders in the company that will get them the fastest response reducing time spent waiting between initiation and negotiation.

Account Coaching

Account Coach is a data driven account plan generator that constantly senses and analyzes external and internal data by account and recommends next steps.

  • Which accounts will buy?
  • What will they buy, why and when?
  • What are the risks in the account?
  • Who to contact and what to say?
  • What is the account roadmap – what will they buy next?
  • How to displace competition?

Annual Success Coach

The success coach is the master coach that brings it all together. Given a rep’s quota and territory assignment it models annual transaction patterns to simulate the most optimal path to meeting

It provides an annual plan, a more granular quarterly milestone plan and a monthly activity plan that is dynamically adjusted as the
year goes by.

The monthly activity plan also includes prioritized list generated by
rep, deal and account coaching modules to help reps focus on important activities.

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