The #1 Autonomous Sales and Service Platform

Our vision is to make customer acquisition, onboarding, and servicing autonomous.
Recognized among the Top 10 Chatbot Companies in 2022 by CIO Applications

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Who we are

We build cutting-edge AI applications that tackle unsolved problems in the domain of Decision AI, Knowledge AI, Recommendation AI, and Conversational AI.

What we do

We leverage the power of AI to diagnose problems, predict outcomes, prescribe actions, and help execute them. We partner with our clients to envision the future of autonomous revenue acceleration and make it a reality with AI solutions that work.


Accolades and Achievements of Emplay


The Organizations Committed to Our Success.

We partner with leaders in sales technology, sales enablement and sales training to deliver an unmatched and seamless selling experience.


Leaders Who Helped to Grow Us

Sanchita Sur


She is an autonomous AI futurist, author, and speaker. She envisions a future of autonomous selling and problem-solving machine.

Sanchita drives business vision, product innovation, and revenue operations at Emplay.


Sharad Joshi


Sharad has 30+ years of experience in building and driving product engineering teams at startups and large companies.

As the CTO of Emplay, he is responsible for product architecture and development.


CV Goudar


CV holds multiple patents for AI solutions developed for business and technology use cases at HP, NXP, and TI.

He is responsible for building Emplay’s core algorithms and patentable IP.


Aditya Thakur


Aditya has over two decades of business advisory and P&L leadership experience.

At Emplay, he is responsible for end to end revenue ops excellence and customer success.


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