Faster Revenue Growth,


AI-powered recommendations and conversations that make customer acquisition, enablement, and support autonomous.

Learn how we helped a Fortune 500 tech giant improve booking by 14% in just 3 months to win the Brandon Hall Award.


Buyer AI

The future calls for a shift from sales enablement to buyer enablement. Make it happen easily with Emplay. As a marketing leader, you can now make this pivot happen easily.

Our Autonomous Buyer Enablement solution

  • Finds answers to to thousands of specific buyer questions by pulling in formation from your company’s website, pages, blogs, product documentation, and user community. And the best part is the solution requires no pre-training.
  • Engages prospects in high-value conversations, helping them discover solutions to their specific problems through solution discovery, product recommendations, ROI calculations, and even contract discussions.
  • Generates rich insights on what your prospects are looking for and issues they’re facings by analyzing their questions and buying actions.

Convert prospects to customers with our Autonomous Buying Assistant.

Sales AI

Get your sales team performing better in a matter of weeks. Our Sales AI makes onboarding new reps a breeze. If you’re a sales leader looking to ramp new hires effectively and boost incumbent performance, this is the solution you need.

Emplay's Sales AI solution helps

  • Diagnose root causes of sales performance issues
  • Provide personalized data, content, and action recommendations
  • Activate inflow enablement to help action on recommendations for predictable results.

Our Award-winning solution has helped Fortune 500 clients increase the % of sales reps meeting quota by 10% within 6 months.

Chat with us to find out how we have helped companies like SAP, Servicenow, Cisco, Google, VMware, Netapp, Analog Devices, Zendesk, etc. build high-performance sales teams.

Support AI

How do you increase NPS without increasing your team headcount?

As a satisfaction-oriented service leader, you now have a smart option to do that using our automated solution.

Kate, our knowledge assistant and training engine.

  • Contextually responds to customer questions
  • With exact answers from PDFs, blogs, videos in multiple systems
  • And Recommends next questions, content, and actions to solve problems

Our first-of-its-kind Self-Learning Knowledge assistant solution is incubated by

Learning AI

Are you visionary learning leader who is focussed on learner success and not just the learning experience? Then we have an AI solution to help you show real results.

Emplay's Learning AI solution helps provide

  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Simulation- based learning
  • Data-driven personalized learning

We are the only Conversational Learning Solution that activates learning in the flow of work, providing exact answers from deep within learning documents to improve learner performance using a proven methodology.

Chat with us to find out how we have helped companies like BTS, Sage, Mercuri, SAP improve learning discovery and learner success.

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