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A Self-Learning Conversational Platform that Responds, Recommends, and Executes for you.
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70% of Digital Transformations Fail.
Don’t let vendors sell you more digital tools that distance you from your customers and employees.

"Hosting has been so rewarding and life-changing. It’s allowed us to pursue our passion for interior design and helped us realise our niche – that we really love renovating spaces for others to enjoy."
interior designer and Host in Columbus, Ohio
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Your customers still want you to talk to them at all times and solve their unique problems instantly without creating more work for them.

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Their experience should be...


Respond to natural language query


Recommend solutions, actions and content


Execute actions in multiple systems
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Zinger is a conversational
problem-solving machine that

- Asks and responds to questions.
- Recommends content and actions.
- Activates and automates actions flows.

Our Platform Capabilities

Inquiry support
Informational Query
Numerical Query
Navigational Query
Transaction Query
Recommendation Support
Solution Recommendation
Action Recommendation
Content Recommendation
People Recommendation
Execution Support
Collaborative Action
Action Automation - API
Action Assistance
Conversation Apps

Boost your organization's productivity 10X with Zinger

Information Automation

Deflect 50%+ support calls with highly accurate query responses without any knowledge base building or language training effort.

Decision Automation

Improve performance and ramp acceleration of your sales and support teams 2X with intelligent recommendations.

Transaction Automation

Reduce complex system
time from 4 mins to 4 secs by automating actions via conversational prompts.

Connect with us to learn
how we have helped our
clients improve productivity
and performance across functions.

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Transform your customer and employee experience

Wow your customer
at every touch point.

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