Boost Employee
Performance with Conversational Learning

Learn how we helped a Fortune 500 tech giant improve booking by 14% in just 3 months to win the Brandon Hall Award.

digital facilitation

Accelerate Onboarding and Ramp with

Digital Facilitation and Adaptive Simulations

Let’s face it. Digital Learning that involves reading and watching is boring. After decades of investments in
learning experience, adoption is still <10%.

Enable your new hires and new customers onboard quickly and successfully ramp with

  • Conversational Learning Experience
  • Adaptive Scenario Simulation, and
  • Active Execution Enablement

Ramps: New hire 40% faster

Requires: No coding experience

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Improve on the job effectiveness and efficiency with

Inflow Conversational Learning

Customers are looking for answers for process, knowledge
and tools questions, in the flow of work. But, answers are
buried in training documents and videos.

Learners are drowning in content but, thirsty for work
enablement support.

Enable your learners in the flow of work with

  • Inquiry based learning and
  • Reinforcement learning

Requires: No NLP training | No Tagging | No FAQ creation

Reinforces: Knowledge with personalized content recommendations.

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learning recommendations

Improve Learner Performance with

Personalized Learning Recommendations

Leverage pre-built data driven performance diagnostics to identify key areas of intervention by learner and work life cycle.

KATE uses learning, performance, and work system data to

  • Analyze performance drivers
  • Predict/ prioritize intervention needs
  • Prescribe the right content
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