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with Autonomous Selling


Conversational Sales Assistant

44% of new buyers prefer not to involve sales reps

Buyers prefer to research by themselves to learn about solution options and vendor capabilities.

Enable your buyers to get answers to all their pointed questions with KATE in three easy steps.

  • Add your website link and upload marketing/product documents and videos
  • Test KATE’s query handling capabilities and provide feedback to help auto train the model.
  • Deploy KATE on your website

Requires: No NLP training | No Tagging | No FAQ creation

Reduces: Implementation time from months to weeks

Replaces: Search, and Level 1 sales consultants.

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Conversational Solution Advisor

71% of Google searches are problem statements.

Buyers are looking to solve their problems than learn about product features.

Engage your buyers with high value problem-solution discovery
conversations with KATE.

  • Automated adaptive flows for guided problem discovery
  • Data driven solution recommendations
  • Dynamic conversation sequencing to advance buying journey

Includes Best Practice Problem Discovery, ROI calculation, Buyer
Qualification templates

Insights Driven solution, promotion, pricing, and pitch

Involves no coding buyer journey activation

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Conversational Intelligence

50% of the buyers say there is too much information that inhibit’s decision making process.

Buyers need the right amount of information at different stages of research and purchase cycle to help make decisions confidently.

Predict buying propensity, buyer’s potential, and purchase readiness using conversation analytics to prescribe the right content.

KATE uses conversational intelligence to

  • Analyze conversations
  • Predict needs and outcome
  • Prescribe the right conversations and content
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