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Deep answer extraction | Context retention | Tacit knowledge generation  

Zinger is not just an answering machine. It is a problem solving engine.

Discovers knowledge from enterprise content and transaction systems.

  • Accurate:
    Extracts highly relevant answers from deep within documents, videos, web pages, and databases.
  • Contextual:
    Asks qualifying questions, creates dynamic filters, and retains context for follow up questions.
  • Personalized:
    Personalized by role, region, access privilege, preferences, and transaction history.
  • Self Learns:
    Learns to rank based on individual and collective user behavior. Escalates on thumbs down feedback for corrections and incorporating them.
  • Generates:
    Summarizes understanding of the answer and generates human-like responses.

Recommends and generates
insights from enterprise resources

  • Recommends:
    Suggests next questions others ask, SMEs who can help, and action prompts.
  • Generates Insights:
    Captures clicks, comments, reactions, posts, and query history to personalize results and identify SMEs.
  • Polls:
    Checks in with users on topics of interest, issues faced, and work goals to improve recommendations and identify content needs.
  • Escalates:
    Generates tacit knowledge by escalating unanswered questions to SMEs to update and curate content assets.
  • Resolves:
    Connects with bots to complete transactions.

Zinger mitigates the risks of Generative AI and offers the flexibility to switch models
based on size, confidentiality, and cost concerns.

Generates content and evaluates long text outputs using LLMs

  • Generates
    Emails, demo scripts, pitches, contracts, proposals, quizzes, etc.
  • Summarizes
    Resume, feedback, meetings, emails, whitepapers, presentations.
  • Evaluates
    Answers, resume, pitches, feedback, assessments

Integrates with multiple systems out of the box.

G Drive
One Drive
G Mail

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