Transform HR Service Delivery with AI

Conversational HR Bot that makes service delivery autonomous.

Zinger reduces your HR support cost by 50%+.
Here's how.

Deflects most L1 calls

Zinger understands natural language to respond to content, data, and systems queries. 

Zinger respond to all policy, procedure, benefits, payroll ,and employee related questions instantly, personalize by role, region, and employment type.

Auto-resolves & auto-routes

Zinger auto-executes routine service requests via APIs on various third party systems.

Zinger can find the right SMEs to help on complex issues and initiate a live teams/slack chat session and learns from the Conversation to update itself.

Reduces ticketing system cost

Zinger can help employees create tickets in Teams and routes tickets to the relevant Teams channels for inflow response and resolution.

Zinger can help HR update KB; send out surveys and announcements; and get insights conversationally without having to learn complex Softwares.

Make your HR team 10X productive by giving them a single conversational interface to perform all the tasks within  the comfort of Teams, Slack, Webex, Google Chat, etc., while deflecting all operational requests and queries.

Zinger in action in Teams.

Manage Knowledge Base

  1. Upload/Update documents
  2. Approve documents
  3. Browse documents
  4. Search answers

Resolve Tickets in Teams

  1. Receive assigned tickets
  2. Resolve in the flow
  3. Assign to others
  4. Collaborate in channels

Send push notifications

  1. Personalized Surveys
  2. News/ Announcements
  3. Request consent
  4. Compliance training

How does Zinger deflect employee support calls?

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