Delight your customers with 24/7 conversational order management support.

With Zinger you can cut OTC support costs by 30+%​

Zinger is an LLM based virtual support assistant that​

  • Contextually Responds to​

    100% ​of L0 customer queries.​
  • No need to write FAQs.
  • Zinger automatically creates FAQs and KBs from support manuals, product documents, and training videos.

    E.g. What is the return policy?
  • Deflects L1 calls up to

    ~50% ​by executing requests via APIs
  • No need to create chatbot flows.
  • Zinger automatically discovers ​intent, entities, APIs to connect to, and complete customer transactions.

    E.g. I want to return by order?
  • Improves Retention  by​

    ~30+% ​by recommending the right offers
  • No need to escalate to CSR.
  • Zinger automatically finds matching deals based on profile and past success and recommends offers.​

    E.g. Would you like a refund of $20 or discount coupon of $27?

How does Zinger’s Order to Cash Conversational Assistant Work?

Order to Cash Transformation in Action

Order Management:

How do I place an order?
How long will it take for my order to be processed?
Can I place an order for a custom item?
How Can I cancel my order?

Credit Management:

What are the payment terms?
How long does the credit approval process take?
How will my eligibility for the credit be assessed?
Am I allowed to pay for my order in Installments?

Order Fulfillment:

Will my order be fulfilled on time?
Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
Will I be notified once my order is shipped?
Can I change my order after it has been placed?

Order Shipping:

When will my order be shipped?
Is there any shipping associated?
What are the delivery options available?
Can my order be delivered to an International

Customer Invoicing:

When will I receive my invoice?
How do I make a payment?
What are the different payment methods available?
Can my order be delivered to an International
Does my Invoice include the taxes and other costs?

Accounts Receivable:

Are there any additional fees associated with the payment process?
How do I dispute an incorrect payment?
How Can I set up the payment plans?

Payment Collection:

What is the refund policy?
Am I allowed to get a refund if I return an order?
How will I be refunded?
Am I eligible for a refund if my product gets damaged during transportation?

Reporting Data Management:

How can I access my order history?
Is there a way to view my past invoices?
How can I track my outstanding payment?
Can I download my order history?

Why SAP AMS Providers Should Prioritize AI- Based Transaction Automation

ChatGPT and Similar LLM models will automate support, eventually.
If you do not offer automated transaction support, your competitors will.​
Stay ahead of your competitors in the AI game with Zinger.​

Improve cross-sell and retention rate by expanding scope of support.
Provide automated OTC support by responding to product and process inquiry and automated OTC transactions via conversational prompts.​

Improve SAP user productivity by reducing complex screen navigation​​
Help users do high volume high complexity transactions in 4 secs using conversational instructions than spend 4 mins navigating complex screens

Choose Zinger to handle the heavy lifting. From placing orders to financial reporting, our chatbot can help you improve your entire Order to Cash process.

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