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Why consider Conversational and Generative AI?

ChatGPT and conversational interactions are board room topics. Generative AI will automate support, transactions, and learning. eventually. It is important to incorporate large language models in your service and growth strategy to stay relevant.

Conversational experience can help SAP users onboard, transact, and be supported using natural language interactions. This will improve adoption, support NPS, and customer renewal.

GPT and similar LLM can make your organization more efficient with its code generation and code evaluation capabilities. Conversational interactions can help boost customer and employee acquisition, development, and retention outcomes by making processes frictionless.

Why to Partner with Emplay?

  • Incorporate Generative AI in your portfolio with Emplay's award winning solution. Reduce time to market and gain the first mover's advantage.
  • White label an SAP incubated solution, available on the SAP Store, and used by SAP, internally. Reduce the risk of failed implementation.
  • Differentiate from other chatbot providers by offering rare self learning capability to respond, recommend, and execute via a single interface. Reduce implementation and maintenance effort using Zinger's auto learning capabilities.

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Go to market with a joint offering specifically designed for high-value and high-volume


Be a champion of cutting-edge Conversational AI solutions, pick up regular commissions, and add a new source of income to your business with the superior affiliate partnership program in the industry.

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