GenAI Disrupting Sales Enablement (Part 1: MASTERING the Product, the Pitch, and the Playbook)

September 28, 2023

GenAI Disrupting Sales Enablement (Part 1: MASTERING the Product, the Pitch, and the Playbook)

Salespeople are the lifeblood of an organization. They're responsible for forging relationships, nurturing leads, and closing deals. 

But with so many variables in the sales process, it can be challenging to ensure every salesperson is equipped with the right tools and resources to succeed. 

Enter Generative AI (GenAI)

While GenAI has a lot of potential to make sales reps significantly more productive, sales enablement teams can also leverage GenAI to improve enablement efficiency and seller proficiency.

Below are the innovative ways in which Sales Enablement teams can use GenAI aimed at three key outcomes.

  • Mastering: Mastering the product, the pitch, and the playbook
  • Assisting: Assisting sellers across the 70:20:10 model of enablement.
  • Executing: Executing core sales activities in tandem that improves deal velocity.

In the first part of our three part series on GenAI for Sales Enablement, we will look into how Sales Enablement teams create new innovative conversational experiences to help sellers master the product, the pitch, and the playbook.

Mastering the product:

Instead of creating long format product training that sellers do not have the time and attention span to learn and internalize, sellers can be engaged with micro learning followed by dialog based conversational learning. This can be followed by reinforcing the concepts in the context of the deals in pipe for maximum impact and retention.

This absolutely sounds like a lot of work. This is where Generative AI can help. 

Generative AI can help summarize and create multi-modal micro learning from long format training and create conversational learning experiences by generating questions and evaluating answers for maximum engagement. 

Recommendation AI models can identify the product-mix in the open deals and recommend reinforcement content in the flow of work to keep the product knowledge fresh in the minds of the seller.

Mastering the pitch:

The first sales meeting with a prospect helps build trust, credibility, and relevancy. New hires and incumbent sellers introduced to new products and positioning need to be certified using meeting and conversational simulations rather than knowledge tests to truly verify their field readiness.

Generative AI can help generate a number of customer scenarios based on account assignment to have sales reps create custom pitches to establish relevance. It can then evaluate video pitches uploaded by sales reps to assess their clarity of communication and their credibility in presenting the right value proposition. Finally, it can generate objections and evaluate seller responses to see how he/she is able to build trust.

Mastering the playbook:

Sales outcomes can be made predictable and the sales processes frictionless by following proven sales plays. Sales play include personalized talk tracks, discovery questions, objection responses, email scripts for early stage motion to creating persona based value proposition and business cases to closing tactics and negotiation approach in the context of the products sold.

GenAI can help sales enablement teams create, customize, and localize sales plays 

  • By industry
  • By persona
  • By pain
  • By products
  • By region. 

This helps sales people go to market quickly and have better sales outcomes without burdening the enablement teams with localized content creation tasks.


GenAI technology is transforming sales enablement and revolutionizing the sales process for organizations across industries. 

By summarizing long format training modules to evaluating the pitch to enabling them to go to market quickly, AI can empower sales teams to master their product, pitch and the playbook.

As machine learning and AI technology continue to advance, we can expect an even greater impact on the sales profession, with AI becoming a ubiquitous tool for end-to-end seller enablement. 

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