Sales DNA Analysis

Diagnose the root causes of sales performance issues and the drivers of sales success using internal, external, and crowd-sourced data.


Help your Sales Reps meet quota predictably usingAI Based Sales Advisor


Ever wondered why some of your sales reps consistently perform while others don’t? What are the transaction patterns of top reps and winning KPIs of high quota attainers?

Using Rep DNA analysis, get a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative understanding of performance drivers and gaps by region, business line, role and even by individual reps to help you develop cross functional interventions.

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Deal DNA

Deal DNA uses deep computing algorithms on massive quantities of external and internal data to identify drivers of winning deals, large deals and volume deals.

Deal DNA helps sales organizations forecast better, prioritize deals, understand risks and develop win strategies by deal type.

Reps can now follow a proven path to successfully create large deals, win highly competitive opportunities and maintain a qualified pipe.

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Help your Sales Reps meet quota predictably usingAI Based Sales Advisor

Help your Sales Reps meet quota predictably usingAI Based Sales Advisor

Account DNA

Account DNA analysis helps you understand why some
of your customers buy, grow and stay while others don’t.

Account DNA leverages customers’ historic transaction patterns; their responses to marketing campaigns; and events captured from news, blogs, financial records and social media that may indicate buying triggers

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Improve sales performance predictably by 30% in less than 6 months

Sales Coaching Recommendation

Our Sales GPS solution provides turn by turn guidance to sales reps on which accounts to prospect, who to contact, what to say, which deals to prioritize, which partner to work with, and how to meet quota predictably.

The coaching recommendations are personalized by rep territory, rep’s pipeline opportunities, and reps performance gaps as assessed using predictive and prescriptive analytics models

Activate sales coaching at scale using data driven

  • Rep Coaching
  • Deal Coaching
  • Account Coaching

Reps spend less that 36% of their time selling and spend approximately 2 hrs a day looking for information.

Inflow Sales Enablement 

Leverage the power of Decision AI, Knowledge AI. and Conversation AI to provide personalized inflow enablement.

KATE is a conversational performance assistant that

  • Respond to natural language questions
  • Recommends data driven strategies, and
  • Remind sales reps of key actions

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