Improve SAP user productivity by 100% with Zinger.

Accelerate adoption and value realization with Zinger.

With Zinger you can improve SAP user productivity 100%​

Zinger is an LLM based  virtual support assistant that​

  • Responds to ​questions

    How to” SAP system questions, company specific knowledge, process and data questions.​
  • No need to write FAQs.
  • Zinger automatically creates FAQs and KBs from support manuals, resolved tickets,  and querying databases.
  • Recommends​ next steps​

    with insights, content, actions links, and people to complete the next steps.​

  • No need to create reference tables.
  • Zinger automatically discovers next steps recommended from manuals, tickets, system menus, next questions asked, etc.​
  • Executes​ Actions​

    by calling APIs, connecting with SMEs, and using assistive and LLM app ​plug-ins.
  • No need to create Bot flows.
  • Zinger automatically connects users to people on teams, to APIs on systems, to assistive apps without having to create flows.​

How does Zinger's Learning Assistant work?

  • Conversationally onboards users.
  • Responds to all user questions.
  • Executes transactions via APIs.
  • Requests feedback from users.
  • Proactively notifies of changes 
Zinger in action!
Responds, recommends, and executes in the flow of work.
Inquiry support
Process questions
How to create an invoice
Knowledge questions
Tax code for Spain
Error Code
Error code #6658
Data Questions
Invoice status
Recommendation Support
Content Recommendation
Policy updates
People Recommendation
Escalating to Amy
Task Recommendation Update order
Insight Recommendation
6 approved invoices
Execution Support
Screen Assistance 
Initiates Enable Now
People Collaboration 
Live chat and recording
Task Automation
via APIs Order execution
Generative Apps

Our Solution: Digital Acceleration Platform

As an SAP Implementation Partner why should you
care about
AI-based adoption support?

Change Management is key to implementation success.
Don’t let change management come in the way of your relationship and credibility with your clients.
​Leverage low-cost bots to train and support users.​

Become the AMS partner of choice after implementation.​​Conversational assistants can respond and execute support queries reducing time, effort, and cost of AMS.​
Leverage conversational bots to deflect upto 50% of support calls.​

AutoGPT and Similar LLM models are revolutionizing user experience.​​
Users will expect to conversationally complete transactions. If you do not offer chat-based experience your competitors will.​Stay ahead of your competitors with AI.

Learning, Support, and Transaction Assistant

Conversational Learning Assistants
provide personalized onboarding
support, query support and recommendations

Help your customers and users with adoption and change management.

Conversational Support Assistants
provide 24/7 automated L1 ticket resolution support. It self learns from tickets, call scripts, and manuals.

Help your customers and support team deflect 50% of L1 calls

Learn More

Conversational Transaction Assistants
help execute SAP and other system transactions using conversational prompts. It can read API documents to self train itself.

Help your customers accelerate their Digital Transformation Efforts.

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Other SAP use-cases.
HR Support Desk

Answer extraction from policy, learning, and HR process documentations to respond to employee queries 24/7.

Route questions to the right HR personnel, peer, support desk. Learn from human responses.

Respond to employee data queries from HR and other work systems
e.g. how many personal days do I have?

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