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Did you know sellers spend only 28% of their time with customers?
Here’s why?

Of their time spent on

Research, Analysis, and Planning, Reporting
Of their time spent on

Decks, Quotes, Proposals, Emails, and other content activity
Of their time spent on

CRM activity, admin tasks, and training

Your sellers need to spend more time  to deeply understand customer issues, provide research backed strategic advice, and help customers gain clarity, confidence, and consensus to make the right purchase and realize value.

See how GenAI can help with


Decision Automation

Extract deep insights from customer and deal data to recommend success strategies


Content Automation

Respond with and generate personalized content and emails for hyper-personalized experience.


Task Automation

Recommend and execute actions in multiple systems autonomously based on prompts or events.

Generate 3X more leads with
Hyper-personalized Prospecting Agent

Industry Research
Customer Research
Persona Research
Solution Recommendation
Value Proposition Generation
Content assets
Campaign outline & sequence
Email generation
Landing page creation

Reduce sales cycle time by 50% with
Sales Content Generation Agent

Pitch deck
Discovery questions
Meeting Insights
Solution fit insights
Business case 
Mutual Success plan
Proposal/ RFP response

Double your win rate with
Sales Insights and Coaching Agent

Rep Diagnostics
Deal Diagnostic
Account Diagnostics
Action Recommendation
Content Recommendation
People Recommendation
Manager Coaching
Peer Learning
CRM action automation

Customer Reference
ServiceNow’s Data-Driven Productivity Has More Sales Reps Hitting Quotas: Using Machine Learning and Data Analytics with the help of Emplay, ServiceNow’s “Data-driven Productivity” increased the number of reps attaining their annual quota by more than 10%. ServiceNow and Emplay were honored with a Silver Award for Best Advance in Machine Learning and AI in the 2020 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards.

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